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Property Investing

Information for foreign investors selling property

If you are a foreign investor planning to sell your Australian property, you will need to note the ...
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Wills and Estate Planning

Wills and Estate planning

Wills A Will is a legal document that states how you would like the distribution of your money ...
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First home grants in QLD

Here at Johnsons Solicitors & Attorneys, our team assists a range of clients from varying backgrounds. One of ...
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COVID-19 government incentives for QLD landlords

COVID-19 government incentives have been made available for QLD landlords of commercial properties with tenants impacted by the ...
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QLD Changes to Land Tax

Several relief measures for payment of land tax were introduced by the Queensland Government in response to the ...
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Queensland Government Incentives in Response To COVID

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Queensland Government has implemented various incentives to support and provide ...
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